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Measure and monitor employee efficiency on an on-going basis

MeetKPI helps in measuring two of the key employee efficiency KPIs – Utilization and Chargeability. Both the employer and the employee can see how they measure against their KPIs and how they compare to both their peers and the industry benchmark. With its daily manpower module, MeetKPI also assists the organization to efficiently manage its “Peak-to-Trough” business cycle. Organisation can also make key decisions like hiring temporary vs permanent resources, pricing an engagement based on staff availability, active management of idle resources and more. Salary costs are often largest cost for a professional firm, MeetKPI leads to a substantial and sustainable long-term impact on the bottom-line It also helps you in improving employee motivation and performance by providing transparent real time information to employees.

Measure organisation profitability

MeetKPI assists in maintaining absolute control over five key areas which drive profitability:
  • Win - Finding and retaining clients is the primary means of growing your business
  • Manage – Maximizing billable time without overstretching staff - hence there is a pattern that is followed.
  • Develop – Attract, nurture and retain talent to positively affect business
  • Deliver – Be in total control of your financial position
  • Measure - Track and pinpoint what works and what needs to change

Actively monitor/manage your KPIs

MeetKPI enables you to track the KPIs that have the greatest revenue or profit impact for the organization
  • Project Margin/Recovery %
  • Budget v/s Actual revenue/costs
  • Employee Utilization and Chargeability
  • Receivables and WIP Ageing
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Idle resources

Measure and actively manage project profitability

MeetKPI helps in tracking project profitability on a real-time basis and take prompt remedial action including cost overrun discussion with clients.

Budgetary controls

MeetKPI helps managers to set financial and performance goals with budgets, compare the actual results and adjust performance, as it is needed.

Saves Time

No more spreadsheets, endless meetings, emails and phone calls. Everybody is up-to-date any time anywhere. MeetKPI helps you make informed decisions, consistently.

Audit Trail

MeetKPI maintains the revisable history of important transactions to facilitate the auditing process of your business requirements.


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